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Veneers Case 1 - Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Gallery


shifted teeth after braces after 6 porcelain veneers - straighter and whiter teeth
Before Picture: This young female patient had gone through orthodontics ten years earlier and had some of her teeth move back to their original position. She also wasn’t happy with the discoloring on the front of her teeth where her orthodontic brackets had been. She did not want braces again, but she wanted something done to straighten her teeth.
After Picture:  We were conservative in our approach doing six porcelain veneers.  We were able to properly position the teeth by adding porcelain where needed and accomplished her desire of instant orthodontics. The color was desirably lighter and still very natural, and the gum tissue is very healthy, indicating a nice fit.


In this smile makeover, Hedgecoe Dentistry used veneers to achieve straighter and whiter teeth.

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